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Fursys ‘Tepui’ won the top prize

Fursys’ premium lounge furniture ‘Tepui’ won the ‘Best of Best’, the highest award at the ‘2021 Pin-up Design Award’. Tepui, which won the top prize, sofa series ‘AERIE’ and open office space solution ‘SYSTEM BOOTH’ were selected as ‘Pin-up Best 100’, and open bookcase ‘PLAD’ was selected as ‘Pin-up Best 100’. I was listed as a finalist. What about the design and characteristics of Fursys products recognized at the Pin-up Design Award (organized by the Korea Industrial Design Association), one of the three major design awards in Korea? Let’s take a closer look at the award-winning products.

” 퍼시스의 프리미엄 라운지 가구 ‘테푸이(TEPUI)’가 ‘2021 핀업 디자인 어워드’ 최고상인 ‘베스트 오브 베스트(BEST OF BEST)’를 수상했습니다. 최고상 수상 의 영예를 안은 테푸이를 비롯해 소파 시리즈 ‘에어리(AERIE)’와 오픈 오피스 맞춤 공간 솔루션 ‘시스템부스(SYSTEM BOOTH)’는 ‘핀업 베스트 100’, 오픈형 책장 ‘플래드(PLAD)’는 ‘파이널리스트’에 이름을 올렸는데요. 국내 3대 디자인 어워드로 꼽히는 핀업 디자인 어워드(한국산업디자인협회 주관)에서 인정받은 퍼 시스 제품의 디자인과 특징은 어떨까요? 수상의 영광을 누린 제품을 자세히 살펴보도록 하겠습니다. “


Fursys' premium lounge furniture 'Tepui' won the 'Best of Best'
Fursys’ premium lounge furniture ‘Tepui’ won the ‘Best of Best’

The ‘TEPUI’ series, which contains the design of the world-renowned Belgian architect ‘Vincent Van Duysen ‘ and the technical know-how of Fursys, is luxury furniture for premium spaces. Handcrafted surface processing gives each product its unique texture. To this end, the finest Italian porcelain was applied to maintain the luxury, but it was carefully designed to be more convenient to maintain and manage than products made of marble.

In particular, with a design suitable for elegant spaces for VIPs such as private offices and lounges, it adds luxury to the space where users stay. The quality of the space is upgraded with a high-quality configuration including conference tables, round tables, sofa tables, chairs, coat hangers, and hangers. Depending on how the components are selected, various atmospheres can be created, so a single product can be used as a sensuous interior object, or the entire series can be used to create a unified space with a sophisticated restraint.



As the need for space division in an open office grew, Fursys launched a reasonable space solution , ‘SYSTEM BOOTH’ . Fursys’ ‘SYSTEM BOOTH’, which made it to the 100 best pin-up list, can be selected from two types: an open type with an open ceiling and one wall, and a cube type with a ceiling and door installed together. You can easily divide the space without having to do separate interior work on the office ceiling and floor.

The open system booth has a modular configuration, so you can adjust the size of the booth according to the space you need. It can be used for various purposes such as lounge booths, meeting booths, OA booths, and multi-booths, and when changes are needed in the composition of the work space, such as organizational eorganization or TF team formation, the modular configuration allows for flexible and easy changes to the layout. there is The cube-type system booth is useful for creating an independent space within an office. It is good to use when you want to create a private space that is not disturbed by surrounding noise. It is a smart space solution that can be created in various forms, such as focus booths, meeting booths, and conference rooms that require security considerations, and even considers the air quality in the booth with an air purifier installed inside.


'AERIE' sofa series
‘AERIE’ sofa series

The ‘AERIE’ sofa series, which was included in the best 100 pin-ups along with ‘SYSTEM BOOTH’ , is a product for collaboration, communication, and relaxation. As the function of the lounge space in the office is gradually subdivided into rest, work, and meetings, the need for a system sofa that can accommodate various purposes of users is increasing. The ‘ AERIE’ series can realize a variety of layouts, from a classic meeting space to a free and comfortable lounge space, through a combination of two heights of backrests, tables, and sofas.

The ‘ AERIE’ sofa features a simple and refined design so that the product itself can serve as an object in the space. Aesthetic effect and functionality were considered at the same time, and the sofa seat, table top, and legs were designed by giving a sense of morphological unity. With a design that can be flexibly changed from a single module to a module that can be used by multiple people, it was born as a sofa series that goes well with any place, such as a concentration area or a rest area.

'PLAD' was also listed as a finalist for the Pin-up Design Award
‘PLAD’ was also listed as a finalist for the Pin-up Design Award

‘PLAD’ was also listed as a finalist for the Pin-up Design Award. With PLAD, you can choose the module you want from storage-type bookshelves, open-type bookshelves, and cabinet configurations. Also, depending on the color of the steel frame, the color of the wood that is combined is different, so you can create a space with the desired atmosphere. If you prefer a home-like design that provides comfort with warm colors, choose a combination of white frame and light wood, or choose a combination of black frame and dark oak wood to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Any space can be created to perfection, from a casual lounge to a luxurious executive space.


‘PLAD’ can be used as an efficient space separation item, especially in lounges or open offices. Placing it in the center of a space naturally divides the space, so it can be used for various purposes beyond the role of a bookshelf placed on the wall. In addition, it has a feature that gives a sense of visual openness with an open shelf design, so it is in the limelight as a design that has both practicality and interior effects.

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